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Of course, this is Fiverr. This seller is doing something illegal and Fiverr is covering it

Its just been a few days since I started to use fiverr to hire some freelancer, I am already frustrated and mislead by Fiverr and it’s sellers.

One of the sellers is offering SEO Backlinks services and is doing Blackhat method which Google really HATES! I had plan to buy a gig from this seller but seller just ignore my genuine questions. That is a obvious reason where freelancers turn their back when they are caught. Of course, Fiverr has 20% commission in this blackhat strategy, so the seller and fiverr blocked me.

Imagine if something goes to your website that was doing good before you bought the gig form that seller and later, do you think he/she would respond to you? She’d do the same what she did to me. Very incompetence and unsafe to do business with either Fiverr or its seller, especially the one I mentioned.

SEO Blackhat seller: ******

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