Off topic flag and DM discussion


Rumor has it,

Some forum members flag newbies post for no just reason and if you DM them, they are just going to ignore you.

I’m just putting this out there you know, just in case.:grinning:

:star2: Rumour has it.....:star2:

I’m confused by this too. As I recall we aren’t allowed to talk about flagging here. :zipper_mouth_face:

Rumor has it that you can become a Top Rated Seller by answering lots of questions or just saying “thank you” or “good tips” a lot on the forum.


Sorry about the post. I’ll delete it cos I did see who closed the post. But since we are not allowed to talk about it.
I’ll just say "great tips":grin:

Rumour has it,
you should not send offers to buyers when you are not qualified for the job.


Oh, that was the moderator. Sorry about that

It is fine.

Cheers and goodluck!


I have never flagged you.

I have never received a DM from you, so how can I ignore you.

Besides, who are you? Do I know you? I don’t recall ever interacting with you.


@grace_iyalla Since you involved multiple people in some personal rant, this has been moved for moderator involvement.

First, the post you were originally flagged for was in a thread about problem gigs. The flagged post by you said this:

“how in the world did I make such an obvious mistake? you’ve literally saved me from looking like an asshole. I mean I am offering A+ grade paper but there is a spelling error on my gig pic. no wonder no one replied the offers I sent.”

I (FontHaunt) am a moderator. I did not see or flag your post. Someone else did and that someone else hasnt been back on the forum for days. That person is not involved in this thread. I don’t know why they flagged you, perhaps just for saying a$$*** or perhaps for the mention of doing academic work.

Now ----------

You did DM me (FontHaunt) to ask why I flagged you. I happen to be moving, helping my elderly father, and had 3 orders to deliver. I didn’t flag you and I didn’t notice your DM, so I didn’t answer you. You seemed to feel ignored and attacked others in a separate thread. Please stop it.



Okay, Sorry for the misunderstanding. I did not mean to attack anyone personally. I was just trying to make a joke with my experience. Hope you dad is settling in well?
Much thanks for taking out time to explain everything. :frowning_woman:t4: