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Offensive/Hatered Report Option Should Be on Gigs

We have no right to do something offensive against anyone and specially if we talk about religion then it is more prohibited to spread offensiveness etc etc… And my suggestion is that fiverr should put a report option on gigs to make fiverr hate free place… I start this discussion because i found this gig and please if you can report then kindly report:

How bad could it be that they removed the user.

Sarmad, the standards of the middle east don’t apply to the Internet. In Saudi Arabia a woman may have to wear a burka, on Fiverr she can be in a bikini.

Besides, there are things that offend evangelical Christians…

I will record a video as Christmas JESUS for $5

Yet they don’t get removed. In fact, I don’t want them remove. Who cares? Don’t like it, don’t buy it.

The way I see it, those of us who aren’t Muslim don’t have to live under Muslim laws. If someone wants to draw a Mohammed cartoon, that’s his business, not yours.