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Offensive script sent to me

3 days ago a buyer in the USA (I am in Spain) sent me a message (not an order) asking ‘Can you do this voiceover’. They attached a Word document. On opening it I was flabbergasted to see two pages of horrible slurs and hateful comments about a women - foul language, curses on her family, going on about how she has been a prostitute, a thief, how her family should be ashamed of her, who she is dating and what a loser he is, and so on. The entire thing (no mention of any product or service this person is selling!) was just a tirade of hate against a particular female.

Of course I refused to do the voiceover, simply stating that “I’m sorry I am unable to voice this script as I find it too upsetting. You will need to look for someone else to voice it” and left it at that, not saying how alarmed and outraged I really felt, because I did not want to fall foul of this person’s obvious wrath against anyone crossing their path! I do not see anywhere alongside this buyer’s message to me, the option to report this communication to Fiverr. Is it something that Fiverr polices? If so, how can I do this? I have left it a few days to report it to Fiverr so that the buyer cannot immediately assume it was ME that reported them.


I think this is what you’re looking for. (And yes, it is considered part of the ToS.)


Thank you very much! Do you know how I go about bringing the item to Fiverr management’s attention, now that I know hatred-promotion is banned by Fiverr.

You can create a support ticket (at but all messages in the inbox when you view them in a browser should show a “report” and “spam” button above them (to the right of the username and the date and time) when you put your mouse over the message. So you should be able to click to report the messages there.

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