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Offer a fair dill

I am working hear for 4 months. on this time I got some offer from some buyer what was not fair.some buyer offer me to complete a website for only 5$. may be it’s a 300$ job but they offer me just 5$ !!!. and in some work some buyer hire me for one job but they want more from me on this particular job. do you think this is fair??? I don’t think so. so I request the buyer that please offer a fair dill what is equal to 5$. thank you all

Hello, yes it happens to lots of sellers. I looked at your gigs and you do not have nearly enough description of what you are offering for $5.

This gig for example where the description says " I know wordpress so well i can make 5 pages for your wordpress site. not the content just only the pages…I am going to create 5 pages for 5$ for you.thank you." sounds like you are going to make a 5 page website for $5.

“I am going to create 5 pages for 5$” it mines I will create just 5 pages nothing more than that.