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Offer and request from PushMania


Dear, Fiverr fans,

We are 2 level seller (with 100% rating) and also buyer on Fiverr. We just love this idea and services, which we can sell or buy around here. We bought over 50 gigs and sold almost 60 our gigs already. We had good and not so good experience, but in general we are happy about this community.

So, first of all we want to promote our gigs here. Maybe you will find it useful and order one of our gigs.

Your linked logo on Sponsors subpage:

Your link under any game

Became a sponsor of our weekly cash contests (very interesting and unique gig):

The second thing, we want to spend some money ordering your gigs (can’t find discussion to post such things here). So, we need two services:

  1. create the new facebook timeline (prefer to get .psd format also) for our facebook page;

  2. create 30-40 seconds video for our website (with sound).

    We will pay $20 for both services, just need good service and quality. So, offer your services here or send us PM.

    Thank you for your attention.



Hello! Nice to see you PushMania. Cool services you got there.

I offer both services, I am a graphic designer and also a vfx guy.

You can have a look at my gig on my profile page.

As there are more and better people than me, I will not promote my gig here but you are more than welcome to check me out.



Reply to @princemaxx: thank you, but I already got the seller, which is working on my project.

Now I need 5-10 high quality comments under blog post, which is related to gaming niche.