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Offer changed for request

I put up a request with details of what I wanted accompanied with my budget. After I replied to an offer, the seller changed the amount to five times the amount he offered previously when I contacted them. I feel a bit miffed. Does this happen a lot? Or did I just happen to come across a bad experience? I am not going to order this gig, of course, but I am also a bit hesitant to put up a new request.
How have other people’s experiences been with requests?

Did you change what was required or give more details on what you were asking in a message (eg. in a way that the seller may think the job is bigger than he originally responded to)?

The original offer should still be available to accept if that’s what you wanted to do (though that seller might cancel it). A seller shouldn’t increase the price unless you ask for something more than you did originally. But maybe their original offer was for something less than their new offer (eg. if your request wasn’t as detailed as the seller wanted he could have assumed you wanted x and sent an offer to do x but you really wanted y which would cost more so he sent an offer to do y (that would cost more).

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I think there was a language barrier. He asked me all the things that were already in my request, like what kind of file of wanted, how many and my budget.
He even asked me a question that was totally unrelated with my request, so that was a bit odd.
I didn’t change anything. I had the feeling that they didn’t read the request and just respond to lots of requests with a copy/paste reply.

If nothing has changed (and their new offer is exactly the same as the old one) it seems like what the seller did is wrong. You could accept the old offer (but like I said, the seller might cancel it, but that would affect the seller’s stats. The seller also might not like that). Or you could choose to go with one of the other sellers who posted an offer. The latter would probably be the best I think (assuming the other offers are good ones, and if it seems like they’ve actually read the request). Or you could search through the gigs manually for a good seller for the service you need and maybe contact them or order their gig.

Thanks for your reply! I found a seller which services I’ve used in the past with great experience and decided to contact him and delete the request for now.
I like the whole Fiverr setup, but I still have to find my way around.