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Offer discounts for buying in bulk

I think we should be able to offer discounts if somebody purchases more than 1 of the same thing.

Such as buy: “Buy one, get the next one 10% off”.

That doesn’t work for most people. I’m a writer and it doesn’t take me 10% less time to write a second piece for someone.

You can do that though, via custom order. Just include a note in your FAQ or something that says: “Hey, talk to me about bulk orders for a discount!”
You can also do it with gig packages, by just lowering the price for higher word counts.

It wouldn’t be a fixed thing. It would be something that a seller could choose to implement if they wanted to encourage people to buy more of their product.

Not everyone buys through custom order though. They usually buy through the gig itself (at least in my case). And gig packages only work to a certain extent as their are only 3 options and for many gigs (such as drawing) the other gig packages are needed for other things (e.g. increased complexity / colours).

I feel like if you already noted in the FAQ or gig description that buyers should contact you separately for bulk orders and they fail to do it, that’s kind of on them. In that case, you could just mention it with a delivery as someone to keep in mind for next time.
But then again, it wouldn’t be a bad thing at all for them to not have taken that into account. What’s not to love about making more off of an order?