Offer for all sellers, to advertsiting our gigs on our order pages to get more orders


Hi, I have one offer for all fiverr sellers. If you are interested to advertsite my gigs on your order pages and I advertsite your gigs on my orders. In every order page after delivery to give link to your buyer of my gig page, and i’ll give to my buyer your gig link on your, and we’ll get more orders. Let me know if you are interested in it. Thank you…


Let the spamming begin! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think this is a good idea because it would be considered spam. This is because the buyer didn’t ask for this and isn’t looking for this information.

However, what I do is this…if a buyer messages me and asks me if I can do a certain task and if I’m not available or don’t know how then I will refer him/her to other fiverr people. These are people that either I have ordered from and I believe that they do good work or they are people who have ordered from me and I trust them. If someone is a honest seller on fiverr and produce work that is worthy then I will recommend them. But putting links to other fiverr gigs after delivering is not considered professional.

It’s a good idea but will be considered spammy.

Just my two cents… :-B


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OK, now the spamming is really getting started…


Reply to @jannat4: DO NOT POST OUTSIDE LINKS!!!