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Offer for gig off-site

I received a message requesting my translation services for support on some external website, as a proposal of a “gig”. I’m not sure how this would work but it seems like it would go against Fiverr’s rules. Is there any advice on how I should proceed?

I’m not very clear if you mean they would want you to work on an external website or through an external website.

If they want you to translate a website then you should be fine, if, however, they are offering you to work through a different website other than Fiverr then you should decline and report their message.

As a rule of thumb any work should always be offered as a gig, and any communication and payment should go through Fiverr.


Thank you, this is what I thought. It’s not clear to me either what the sender meant, so I will ask for clarification and then take action according to what you’ve told me.