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Offer format used

Hi All,

Please guide is there a separate format for offer is shared with buyer or we communicate through email.

If anyone can share there sample offer it will be helpful


All communication must go through Fiverr, either through your inbox, or on the order page (if a buyer orders from you).

Communication outside of Fiverr, including email, isn’t allowed.

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From the main menu go to selling and press buyers request. The moment somebody with relevant interest as you Gigs is placed by the buyer it will appear for bidding. Write the bidding and submit, the buyer will himself contact you if he needed your services.

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You will get message from any buyer when he see your profile, then you can start conversation with him.

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This is particularly important if there are issues with your order. It’s easier (and abides by Fiverr’s rules) to show you tried to resolve an issue if all communication is done through Fiverr.

Good luck @prish23

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