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Offer me one of your gigs and I might buy it right now!

Somebody was generous with me today and would love to pay it forward. If I like your gig and it can help me, or message you send me, I just might buy it!! =D


What a lovely, positive gesture!

I do hope you get something nice! :sunny:


People complain about not getting any orders all day/every day.

Step right up and show Biz what you’ve got. This is a great opportunity! :pineapple:

@biz_university Kudos! This is very sweet & generous thing to do. :slightly_smiling_face: :clap:t4:


Give back Thursday:

I’ll make a purchase on the next person that likes this comment. (I’ll choose 1)

Very nice gesture.


Is this against Fiverr ToS?

It does not appear to be against ToS in this thread, so far.

If the offer to buy a gig is some sort of exchange for reviews, a trade of purchases and reviews, that would be against ToS. I don’t see any sign that the OP’s offer is an exchange. The OP also indicated that he would pick a gig that he liked/wanted so that means he’s looking for a genuine delivery.

If the offer to buy a gig was made in another forum category it would be too close for comfort on the forum rules because other people could not publicly reply with hopeful gig links or descriptions. That isn’t a ToS issue, but due to forum rules a gig purchase discussion is usually best in this category, My Fiverr Gigs.

Clarification: Your gig doesn’t have to be the best in it’s categoy, all it has to do is help me GET more business or help my business in some way or form. I know there are lots of good gigs that aren’t getting the attention they deserve so this is to help out. Also, the reason someone was generous with me is because I was generous in my work for them!! Giving starts the receiving process folks!! =D


Raising the bar in Fiverr, just like celebrating someone’s success. Buy from me:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve sent you a message! (I think I’m a bit late to the game but I love to connect with other people of Fiverr and thought this was such a nice gesture)

Will you update us on what you have bought? I’m very curious!


I am very curious …how can i send you?right from here or msg you ?

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