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Offer question!

Hi! I’m pretty brand new to fiverr, and I recently got my first request for an order via inbox. I sent the client an offer which they seem to have verbally accepted but it seems as though they haven’t accepted the offer in the chat but I don’t want to ask her to accept the offer until I know for sure how the interface works on her end. E.g when you send an offer does the client then receive an option to accept the offer? I don’t want to start work on the illustration without being sure I’m going to receive payment and without it being an active order if that makes sense!


Hi,just tell the client please accept the custom offer.that u have send to him/her.thereafter u could start working on the given project.beware not before the accepting the offer by the client.

If you created a offer from the inbox that is called a “custom offer”. She has to accept in order for you to start working, also when she accepts the order you receive a notification on fiverr and in your email.

You can tell her “Hey are you still interested on the illustration? I can´t start working untill the offer is accepted”

In addition to what has been said when she accepts the offer she has to pay before you start work.
Suggest you check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

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When they accept your custom order you will be notified you have a new order. Only after that happens should you begin any work on it.