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Offer Selection Aftermath

Hi All,

I always ask sellers to send me a proper fiverr offer before a certain detail to make the selection process as clear as possible for everyone. Now my question, normally i get multiple offers for my gigs, and accepting one is no problem, however,

Q1: Once accepted an offer for a gig, do the other “applicants” receive a message if I selected another seller/offer ? or should I inform them separately?

Q2: I have also declined some offers in the past, however the seller contacted me about the status and mentioned he was not able to see that I declined his offer… how come?


RE: Q1,and Q2 No, they are not informed at all. Sellers have no way of contacting potential Buyers unless the Buyer contacts them first after receiving an offer, If you, as a Buyer, respond, then you will open the door to a two way conversation. In fact, as a desktop user, a Seller won’t even know who he is making an offer to. Mobile users will at least get to see a user name.
Declining an offer will allow the Seller an opportunity to respond. Else he is left with his offer hanging there in Limbo…
" How Come?" Well, it’s a mystery.

Is it my obligation to inform the sellers whose offer I declined?