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Offer send off from my gig!

buyer disputed me before oder delivery so this is not my wrong but buyer save me wrong from fiverr.its not good for every seller.

Why did the buyer create a dispute?

he looking me some reason but he don’t said me accurately rreason for dispute

If you’re referring to the feedback left from your one review, perhaps it would be a good idea to read it properly and take it to heart?

You’ve got your English listed as ‘fluent’ - now I’m really impressed by anyone who takes the time to learn a language which isn’t native to them, but sadly your English isn’t fluent, and any potential buyer is going to be disappointed from the off.

Trust me - this makes no sense to anybody who speaks English.

Why not just list your English as ‘basic’ and then buyers won’t expect your writing to be like that of Charles Dickens?

I hope this hasn’t come across as being harsh, I really don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. :sunny:


it just mistake by my phone but I think how one a buyer mistake ? he disputed me before delivery…is not mistake??I am hopeless that thinks fiverr how accept this buyer?

The buyer couldn’t have left any feedback, positive or negative, unless you’d delivered something as a completed order.

He obviously wasn’t happy with it and sadly he left the feedback he did, which he felt was honest and deserved.


Maybe he was disturbed by the poor communication and that’s why he tried to cancel mid-order.


I want to leave from fiverr please suggest me

its not trusted site for seller

The buyer who left you the review is also a Fiverr seller. I highly doubt he wanted to leave that review but probably felt he had to give a fair account of the experience.


Perhaps you can tweak your gigs a little or offer to work only with sellers who speak your native language?

Fiverr is a cool place, even though it isn’t perfect.


I think your responses here are explaining why he commented on your poor communication in the first place…


Your first review is neg. ■■■■, that’s not good!

Part of the buyer feedback says:

“Very bad in communication”

Recouping from your first neg is going to be tough. :grimacing:
As shown here, English is not your Native language, this is something that you should really work on to avoid misunderstandings with your buyers. Stellar communication is VERY important.

Brush up on your English and then come back.

If you want to throw in the towel… Then…

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