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Offer submission through Buyer Request needs ability to attach sample files

Voice work is a fickle beast, and buyers submitting Buyer Requests are often looking for very specialized things. It would be lovely to be able to attach a demo to an offer. As it is, the only option is to direct them to my gig page to listen to my demo reel. Asking people to click through on anything is a quick way to lose their attention.


I completely agree with this comment.

Missing feature, should include ASAP.
Must needed feature for some categories.

Not to mention that many of the buyer requests actually say “please attach samples of your voice in .mp3 format.”

Great… but how?


Fiverr previously offered this feature, but removed it for reasons unknown. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a system protection attempt against malware uploads.

That said, as a fellow voice actor, it’s a change that limits our abilities as “Doers”.

C’mon Fiverr, this is an easy fix.

I completely agree! :clap: