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Offering a free promotional service: is this allowed?

I’d like to add some samples of my proofreading to my gig page, but so far, none of my clients feel comfortable having their work displayed there. So I was thinking I could offer to edit 500 words for free here on the forum, and accept the first three or four people that offer.

My concern is whether or not this is allowed. I’m not asking for money outside of Fiverr, and documents can be sent through messages, but I want to be sure before I do it.



Why not just make up a sample yourself. Write your own article with lots of mistakes, similar to what you would normally get, and then correct it yourself. Buyers don’t know if a sample was made or not. Sometimes that is a good way to start.

And why not have a friend or family member give you something to proofread? That might work too.

That is a good idea. I guess I was just hoping for a little promotion, too, and some authenticity. Writing an article from scratch is doable, just a bit time-consuming.

I also thought about family and friends, but they’re all a bunch of grammar snobs, too! I can’t win.

Thanks for the suggestions, though!