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Offering Additional Revisions

Hey Fiverr community,
I have a bit of a dilemma that I’ve encountered with a handful of my buyers. I do primarily profile portrait illustrations, and a majority of my buyers have been satisfied with very little revision, and I allow them to edit the sketch process without including it in the overall revision count. I offer 1 revision baseline and 5 bucks for each additional revision, since I really don’t have the time for revision limbo. However, once in a while I get people who continue to tweak things and sometimes entirely change their minds once I’ve sent the final painting, over and over. I find it difficult to bring up that that is extra, as they’re already likely unhappy and to insist on a extra seems like the recipe for a bad review. Any tips?


I usually let the buyer ask for a revision AT MOST three times, after that they are usually satisfied, otherwise I just tell them that I’ve done what was in their original requirements, and am required to do no more, good luck!


@abitiffy you can creat FAQ & Follow those strictly!

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Hello again!
Please see (FAQ) points 1-3 for some advice about Change Orders.