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Offering Aura Readings with Hand Drawn Picture

Hi everyone! I’m excited to have joined Fiverr just today. I currently only have one gig, but will definitely post more soon.

Currently offering an aura reading, where I examine the client’s energy and draw what the aura looks like (watercolor style digital painting). I also provide a short written explanation of what I saw when doing the reading.

Any suggestions for improving my first listing would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone is having a nice week. :slight_smile:



I’d like to get more of an idea of what I might get as the one image is very vague seeing it is mostly Text. Can you show a couple of former “readings” - maybe of personal friends to avoid using clients?

Also who are you? A photo of you goes a long way with people. Can they feel “connected” to you or not? A video is even better for that as they se you talk and move. Even your workspace.


Great ideas! Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

I see the updates. Better :slight_smile:

Would it be better to either a) work around a photo of the client’s head, or failing that b) a silhouette of a male/female head? Right now, if I got that green image, I’d probably feel it wasn’t related to me in any way.

Your work may be highly personal and detailed, but if people don’t feel it is (going to be) uniquely them, they will tend to not invest themselves.

How about this as a Concept? It has a sense of a person, your trademark, and you can even personalize (for a markup if you prefer) with something like a Tarot card (one from my personal deck shown).


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Awesome suggestion! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Edit: Just took your suggestion and placed a human body outline over the sample pic! It does look better that way.

Another edit: Going to try and figure out some branding, and whether to keep my current logo or change it. Thanks again for being so helpful!! I’ll definitely keep updating the listing as I figure everything out.

Better again :slight_smile:

I’d say the trick is to be getting that point where people (ok mostly women) want to post the pic you sent them to their Facetagram, which hopefully gets a person or three saying “ooh I done need to be gettin me one o them”. That’s when people start lining up.

Happy to help.

Would a person’s aura fade though for the parts that are more distant from the person, ie. wouldn’t it be more transparent/clear away from the person?

Yep, you’re right about that, I’ll try to convey that more with my paintings. :slight_smile:

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Great advice, yes I’d love to get to that point :smiley:

Okie! I have fully updated my aura reading sample pic, it shows the aura’s shape more clearly and has my logo in the corner. Loving how it’s looking! :slight_smile:

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