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Offering Complimentary services to other Fiverr Sellers


What is the policy on offering my services complimentary to another Fiverr seller (i.e. a voice over for their intro video), in order to improve the quality of their gig and also get my name out there as much as possible?



All services cost at least $5 here on Fiverr. You cannot offer services within the system for free. There is no mechanism for “complimentary services” – unless you choose to add additional services to a purchased order at no additional cost.


I’ll answer based on the assumption you mean complementary (for complimentary see Jon’s reply).

Just in case, if by offer you don’t mean put up a gig extra for that but contact sellers per inbox, that’s seen as spam and you have a good chance that some will report you for that.

If you do mean to put up a gig specifically for that, maybe better first reach out to support to ask for clarity, I dimly remember some forum threads or posts of people who offered things like proofread/rewrite other sellers’ gig descriptions and were told not to, so, personally, I’d rather ask support.

ETA to clarify on my part - if you offer VO for other sellers’ gig videos, it could be used by sellers to pretend they speak a language at a level they don’t, for instance, which might be a reason to not allow such services here (and also a reason to deny that gig or in the worst case, suspend your account, so I’d be very careful with that).