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Offering Dynamic Energy / Reiki sessions before payment - Click on me for more

So ,

I am new here and would like to put my services to the test . Started this because want to get my account going.

I will deliver my services and if you feel satisfied and that it is for real will wait for your purchase and feedback.

In order to get this service , please feel free to send me a message on fiverr with the requested info :).

Good luck guys !

So , what is this about ? What is this energy?

It is a universal energy and each and one of us has access to it. With exercise some of us reach higher levels and will be able to reach equilibrium in different areas of his/her life.

I will be able to channel this energy towards you and start the process.

However , your part is 50 % of this entire thing. You have to want this with all your heart. You can call it the Placebo effect , but for those who know or believe it is a lot more .

The change will come in different forms and not necessarily what you ask or expect. For example your leg might hurt , but your eyesight might improve.

Your soul controls the steps and knows better where to start and stop.

In order for a better connection I will ask for as much info as I can:

-your name

-a photo of you would be very usefull

-what you like doing

-if there is a problem of great imporance that has to be solved

-tell me some things about you.

This way I will be able to target more clearly and have a better effect.

Usually for these things to take effect , you must make changes in your life and you already know them.