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Offering free services

Whenever I finish designing for my customer and the order is complete, sometimes they want to make little changes to the design and I offer these changes for free, is this allowed on Fiverr or am I making a big mistake?

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are you talking about revisions? if so then yes, of course, those are perfectly normal

if you’re talking about revisions, just remember to deliver the order itself on time. you choose to charge for revisions, offer them for free, or offer a amount for free before you start charging, depending on how your gig is set up

Yes, you are working for free so that is a mistake. But if the changes are really minor and do not take a lot of your time, and you have reason to believe they will return for more paying orders, why not?

Change the title of the topic to Offering minor revisions for free after order completed.

Like this when I saw the title I thought Why not you pay me and you do the work?

if they’ve accepted the delivery and the gig is literally marked as complete, they shouldn’t then be asking for more revisions. i don’t think there’s a rule against it though. some sellers offer free samples

@chris_gg if it based on your order related those are allow, if it’s gig extra those are also allow fiverr

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