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Offering Free Site Audit Just Need Your Reviews


I have decided to offer Free SEO and Security audit to all those who read this

If you are interested just contact me and only share your website link ( nothing else ). Don’t post your site link here

Also , promise me you will post your reviews here after you get your free audits


People can post reviews on your profile only after placing an order. And minimum order is still 5$

As for the reviews here on the forum I don’t think that it will make a big difference for you because buyers usually don’t read the forum and loads of new topics created every day so yours might be just lost among others.


Hello @missbacklinks16

It’s is IMPOSSIBLE for people to post a review without purchasing a gig from you. People can ONLY post a review if they buy something from you with money. The window where you get to post a review only shows up upon order completion.

Fiverr has also made it such that you cannot offer free gigs to your customers. The lowest you can price a gig is $5 (I believe). You CANNOT offer them for free.


okay thank you so much for your suggestion :slight_smile:


okay thank you so much for your suggestion :slight_smile: