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Offering incentives for rating changes is now against rules

I’ve been on Fiverr for 5 years and I got a warning violation today. I have a perfect 5 star rating and if my buyer isn’t happy I revise as much as possible. One recent buyer rated 4.7 because I didn’t see a question they had asked (even though the answer was on my gig page). To apologize, I offered them $25 their next purchase and the buyer wanted to change it to 5 stars (but it was past the 3 day mark to change).

I submitted to Fiverr and got a warning violation. Apparently you can no longer offer discounts in exchange for a higher rating. This is fine, I’m alright with this rule. But I’m not alright with all of a sudden me getting in trouble for something that has been encouraged in the past. I mean 4.7 rating, whatever, I’m totally fine with that, I don’t need it removed. But seriously Fiverr, I clearly didn’t know. I literally handed you the evidence to condemn me lol

Kinda lame

Have to disagree there… There should have never been the ability to offer discounts for a better review. Glad they fixed that. Reviews are based on quality of services provided - not the lure of cash/discounts, that just opens the door for people to buy reviews. Awesome News!:grin::grin:

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This is the reason why I suggest people check over the ToS every so often and/or stay engaged on the forum.
This subject has been mentioned quite a number of times here and so it would have prevented the issue from happening for you.

Of course, ideally we would all get a notification of a ToS update but that doesn’t happen and so it is up to us to find ways to work around that ourselves. As I say, the forum is a great place to keep up to date unless you are the type of person who enjoys rereading the ToS every 1-2 months :slight_smile:


I did specifically say that I have no issues with the rule itself, just kind of crappy that it came out of nowhere. It was totally allowed and then all of a sudden, BAM, in trouble.

I don’t even really care about my reviews, they’ll never go down. It was just more of a courtesy I liked to offer my buyers if they were unhappy.

You’re right, I’m really not active in the community. I work on Fiverr 8 hours a day and the last thing I really want to do at night is go looking around the rules section lol. But good advice for the future. Thanks!

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