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Offering multiple gigs in one profile? hows it impact the buyers?

Maybe buyers here can help? When you see a seller offering different services what does it say to you? Do you think the seller is not specialized enough in any of the areas? Would it be a turn off for you?


It is natural that people prefer to deal with a specialist. I wouldn’t trust a family practitioner doctor to do heart bypass surgery on me for example.

It’s best to stick to one type of specialty on fiverr, although there are some who have gigs of various kinds who make it work well.

So what is the purpose of the multiple gigs option in one profile? How do we use that option?

You have more than one gig. They can be variations on what you specialize in. Look around at various sellers. Have you checked out what people’s gigs look like yet?

Or just have one gig. Some do very well with only one.

for same niche or for a different niches?

Your questions sound like you have not looked around at various sellers at all. You would do better to just look around the site at what others are doing.


Got you thanks for the info.

As long as the gigs are centered around a theme such as music production or writing I don’t see it being an issue.

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Not me, unless maybe they are drastically different gigs for different audiences.

Writing, for example, I would want to see that they are skilled in a certain topic or niche.

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If all of their gigs are within the same field or niche, then I wouldn’t be too skeptical. As an editor, I also rewrite essays. I write romantic poetry, and I also write essays based on poetry analysis. If they have several gigs that seem widely unrelated, then your concern becomes more valid, but even then, it’s possible that they really do have skills in different fields. Hardly anyone has only one specific skill. Another option could be that a seller is actually a team of people, working so they can cover a broader range of niches.

I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

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If the gigs are in the same niche, I wouldn’t see it as a problem. If they’re different, like logo design and copywriting, it would still be fine if all the gigs look great (well-written, no plagiarism, great images that aren’t stolen). If there are 7 gigs in 7 unrelated categories, I’d wonder if the seller has any experience in any of them, or if they’re following “create gigs in these categories because that’s what makes money” advice.

That being said, having just one gig with copyrighted characters (like Toy Story characters) would make me wonder whether the seller has the permission to use them (highly unlikely), and I’d look for someone else.

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Yes, but it is always not true all the time. Sometimes a freelancer can be expert in one or more fields.

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I made gigs in different categories. Lets see how it goes :smiley: