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Offering multiple niches

I am hoping sellers here can give me feedback on managing multiple niches on fiverr. Should I or should I not? I am a musician and I am also a writer and I do translation as well. Would it be a turn off for buyers to see someone who offers gigs in different categories?

Maybe buyers here can help? When you see a seller offering different services what does it say to you? Do you think the seller is not specialized enoug in any of the areas? Would it be a turn off for you?

I’ve wondered the same thing. That is why I wished is was OK to have multiple accounts.

Ideally you could have multiple accounts that the public would see, Or sub-accounts. But internally you would have one to allow fiverr prevent abuse.

Yes I find it frustrating as well.

Personally, what I do do as a buyer when I buy here on fiverr, I search with keywords then look at the gigs in the search results.

Once I find the right one, I contact the seller and purchase. I found that I don’t really check out their other gigs. So if they were offering multiple niches I wouldn’t notice that. But, it is just me. Other buyers might be doing a thorough research on a seller’s profile.

I have the same concern too. As @orcatek says, I also wish we could have one account with multiple alias linked to it.

hburdg said: Do you think the seller is not specialized enoug in any of the areas?

I personally would, but who knows...
I'd say that you can always try. If you see that you loose buyers overall, you might pause the gigs in the less profitable or less fun niche.

Chiming in as a buyer (I don’t sell here)…

When I buy a gig, I tend to look at the seller’s other gigs as well, mostly to read the reviews and sometimes to check out the portfolio.

I do not see it as a problem if the seller’s gigs are not related to each other.

For example, I might get to a seller’s page because of an illustration gig that looks promising. He also does voice-overs and white-board explainer videos? That’s not a problem. The likelihood that he does all three equally well is low, but the portfolio should clear up that question.

@catsquirrel I see what you’re saying. In other words, if the gig you’re interested in purchasing looks good enough quality to you, than the seller offering gigs in other areas would not stop you from purchasing.

But you did also state that you would think he is not equally good at everything, but actually it is fair to think that I suppose.

Reply to @hburdg: It’s possible that the seller does all three things equally well, but I wouldn’t expect it. The thing is, it wouldn’t matter one way or the other, unless I was in the market for all three services.

As someone who is bringing in among the highest amount of sales on Fiverr, I say DO IT, DO IT! If you can do each of those categories well, who gives a darn that you don’t stick to a niche. Go for it. The sky is the limit!

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Have the same struggle with you. I do data entry entry jobs, photo editing, and blogging. I also wanted to have this three different categories in one account. But, I guess it will affect your profile, since you’re not focusing on a single niche, which is often we see on Fiverr.