Offering my website solutions


I am a new seller on Fiverr and i hope you’ll give me a chance to work for you.

If you decide to purchase any of my gigs then I will do my best to ensure my service is delivered always in time.

1st GIG : If you are in Europe your website needs a Cookie Control to warn your clients that you store info’s in their computers and so on as the Law require so… My gig does create for you a Cookie Control solution it is lightweight and responsive, it also can be integrated on any website, the Cookie Control is created with JQuery can be integrated to work with your site in seconds! (includes documentation + example file) ---->

2nd GIG : If your website is loading slow that means you do lots of database queries and your server is unable to respond fast, but i offer you my Cache PHP class that store your search result in plain text so if someone searches for anything, blog post or anything else on your website this script will register the result into it’s designated folder and the second user when searches the same page it will give the result from the cache, configurable you can set for how many months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds you want the caches to be stored for and many more options like auto delete the cache. (includes documentation + example file) ---->

Thank you.