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Offering telephone consulting

I am about to set up my seller account and want to eventually offer telephone consults with clients. Is this possible through Fiverr and how is it done? Do I sell the gig and then through messages to the client set up the phone call?

Since the exchange of personal information is against Terms of Service I would suggest to contact customer support to ask for permission.

Good luck with that. You may not find it to go smoothly. Things like them not being there when you call, them having your phone number, them not speaking your language, and other such things may happen. However it’s worth a try and I could be wrong.

Effective communication leads to more satisfied works and thus voice and video calls is a required features.

Lot of cloud platform available like zoom and other providers to keep the sensitive and privacy regulations under control, such as sharing personal information, ect…

Hope to see this video conferencing to enforced. Because some work might demand a multiple people involved, so video group conferencing allows us to leverage the power.

Hello, not a good idea. You need everything in writing that is discussed. It is for your own protection. They can’t say you promised to do something later if everything is in writing. There are other reasons also.

Another reason is that it’s a great time waster for you to have a chat session. Your time is valuable. Get it in writing what you offer and what they will be getting and skip the chats. It would not be to your advantage. Not to mention language barriers and misunderstandings that will happen, all of which spells a big lengthy talk leading to much confusion, misunderstanding and frustration.


Never do that.

It is a waste of time and gives you no protection.

There is nothing you can’t discuss in the Fiverr chat. Buyers only want to use Zoom so they can ramble on and make you do the work of finding the salient points. They want you to write it all down so they don’t have to.

Don’t enable laziness. You don’t get paid to do that.

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Telephone consulting is something experienced salespeople avoid like the plague. It’s a big waste of time. The longer the discussion the less likely you are to make a sale. And the more likely you are to somehow be taken advantage of.


A client wanted to discuss writing text for his phone app with me by phone. This would undoubtedly have taken 15+ minutes along with general chat and whatever else.
I refused, asked a couple of quick questions which he answered and supplied the info he had about the app, all in a document.
I will begin working on that in two days time. I have the info he provided neatly waiting for me. How would a phone conversation have helped?