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Offering the best Transcription Service deal on Fiverr: 16 minutes for $5. Will I be successful?

I have given the best transcription offer on Fiverr. What can I do to make it successful. I was a Level 2 seller earlier but there was a problem with my Paypal A/C. So I had to make a new account again. Starting afresh. My writing order has already got 72 dollars in 3 days.


Do you have any tips? I can transcribe even complex audio/videos with 100% accuracy.

I just got 4 orders in the last two days ! :slight_smile: Will be uploading a video as well for branding.

Hi @amyskywalker! I have three words for you: video, video and VIDEO!

You may already be aware, but including a video for your gig will boost your exposure exponentially! It does not necessarily need to be a video of yourself sitting there talking, but just loading a few screen shots in a video file describing your GIG will help! Just having a video of any kind loaded to your GIG profile will include you in additional searches and put you closer to your potential customers.

The transcribing GIGs are quite popular here and I have one of my own here that I activate now and again. My issue is that I don’t have the time to commit to a large order volume and I do not want to extend the turn around time too far and discourage buyers. When my other gigs slow down and I have extra time, I reactivate my transcribing GIG to pick up a few orders. They come quickly once I active the GIG and I firmly believe that it is due to the fact that I have a VIDEO included.

I would also add that you may consider added a few more keywords in the GIG tags and write a lengthier description specifying your pricing guidelines. While your picture upload details additional information, you will want to reiterate this in your gig description as well!

Best of luck!



Oh wow ! Thanks a lot. This was solid advice. I will order one of the video gigs on Fiverr and upload them to my profile. :slight_smile: Thanks! Please do refer me to any clients for transcription that you are not interested in. I am doing this full time.



@bachas85 Thanks! I can do it because I do it full time. And I also have some tricks up my sleeve. Including corporate level software for some automatic transcription. I would love to have my much order. So far no luck ! :frowning:

I am new on here and any advice you can offer would be appreciated. I am hoping to add gigs when I get used to this site. Hopefully I iwll have a branding video soon as well. The only problem I"ve had so far is clients trying to load audio files that are too large for the uploader.