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Offering Unlimited Revisions are good thing or not?

WHY offering unlimited revisions are not a good thing.
Any Strong reason.



Because the buyer think that the seller is a newbie on fiverr with a limited skill. He just want to grab the order, therefore he is asking for unlimited revisions.


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it’s Not Good… Because buyer thought seller have limited skill… also Good Buyer is not see your Revision, if your profile is good…


Thanks! This is helpful.

it is helpful in regard even if the buyer is skeptical while placing order he knows with some revsions he can get a perfect work done!! and wont be charged extra


Mark (who appears to be female), while that seems an attractive line of thinking it is false.

If you offer infinite work, you are essentially saying that you are infinitely valueless.

Saying that you will keep working on it until you get it right says you know you can’t get it right first time. Not a good message to send.

This draws in poor customers who will mess about on your time/dime instead of good people who have a clear idea of what they need. Or even better will use your judgment to get the right solution.

Be great at what you do and convey that clearly or don’t be selling that thing.



I am facing that problem right now.

at first i had given 3 revision for the order…But buyer asked me to add unlimited revision to order…

now i am giving a lot revision which is pretty time consuming…Even the work is better…

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useful tip. but in my category everyone is offering unlimited revsions!!

When I first started on Fiverr, I too had “unlimited revisions” on every gig. But later, I understood that it is never a good idea and is not even a reasonable thing.

If you meet a buyer who never gets happy or content with what you deliver (believe me, there are many of them), you will end up in a never-ending-cycle of you delivering your order and him/her asking you to make modifications. With unlimited revisions, you won’t have the right to tell him “enough.” You will only attract buyers who don’t have clear ideas of what they want and who will demand too much from you.
Here in the forum you will find many bad experiences coming from offering unlimited revisions. Also, why offer UNLIMITED revisions if you can offer 10-20-30? At least they’ll come to an end.

Also, you’ll give the buyers idea that you can’t get it right immediately and that need unlimited revisions to fully satisfy them.

If you want to read one of these experiences, click the following:


This is exactly why you dont offer unlimited revisions. There are just too many people on this platform who try to take advantage. Think about this. Say you’re a logo designer and you are tasked with creating a logo and the customer wants a revision. So you’ve now submitted 2 new logos for the price of one. Then he wants yet another revision. Now it’s 3 logos for the price of one and so on and so on. I too fell into the unlimited trap just to appear willing to work, but I realised after one buyer who just was never going to be satisfied that I now only offer one revision (voice over gigs) and any more, youre paying another $5 :wink:


I agree it would be better to offer a fixed amount. You can offer up to 20 revisions or unlimited in an offer, but in the gig set-up it limits you to 9 or unlimited as far as I know.


They will want minor to major changes over and over. If you do great work, you shouldn’t need but a few tweeks here and there.


It will be wasting time. You can add extra cost if they ask more revisions.

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No need to unlimited reversion on your gig.Just do properly order.and give a sample to buyer before delivery and tell him to want any correction or not.


Thanks for great tip :slight_smile:

You’ve received plenty of good answer already. For me I offer only one or two revisions depending of the project. I leave it to my discretion to do more revisions if the changes requested are reasonable…but I don’t mention that in my gig so Buyers can’t abuse it. :wink:


Awesome Thank you :star_struck:

That is just living in fear. Understandable but not a good place to be as you are always the victim.

Look at any truly successful business (whether you like their product or not doesn’t matter) do they offer unlimited revisions? If they seem to offer an unlimited something you will still find a clause in the contract that states that consumption must be within the realms of normal consumption. So if you get unlimited internet and proceed to stream 12,567 concurrent 4K instances of Game Of Drones 24/7 you will be without your account pretty quickly under the taking the piss clause.

Sadly Fiverr does not have such a clause and if you did enact one, you will still get a 1 star and a horrid review, no matter how unreasonable their 47th complete re-work for a $5 job was.

If most of your space is full of incompetent sellers, that can be a liability or an opportunity. Better to make it the latter and rise above their mucky manners.



Thanks for giving unknown info… You removed my confusion.