Offers limit in buyer Request Depend on Level


Now a days There are very less buyer request and lot of Seller here so i have seen even 60 offers on one buyer request.
I think Fiverr team should look at it and make something like…if someone new he can send only 5 offers.
level 1: 10 offers
level 2: 12 offers like that.
Or make any other advantage for level 1 and level 2 seller so they can work easily.


Yeah that’s also I think.


I’m a new user… I have NO BUYER Request!!!:cry::sob:
WHY?? @seoexpert234


Apparently, the BR is “undergoing maintenance”, but for how long, I do not know.


Are you sure?? Is there any anouncement for this from fiverr??


Not that ~I~ have seen personally, but it was noted on a board specifically about missing BRs.

@djgodknows, Was there an announcement about the BRs undergoing maintenance? I vaguely remember seeing SOMEthing some time ago, but I don’t recall what, exactly.


No, no announcement.

But I frequent the BR a lot, so I can tell right now its completely dysfunctional atm.