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Offers sent to buyer request

Have sent like 30+ buyers request and just few ordered back,
Please what can I do to get more orders


You mean you got response/conversion from 30+ buyer requests.

If you managed to get even 2 orders from that much requests, you are lucky.

A huge number of sellers apply for each request and getting a response let alone of that ratio can
be considered as a better output.

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Spend 10 offers/day. Promote in all your social media using hashtag according to your services. Do it every day without thinking it is useless. I’ll bet you’ll get what you want :wink: Good luck

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As a rule, I don’t respond to Buyer Requests where there are already ten or more offers. You end up in a bun fight. It pays to look at the unusual or unpopular requests because you get the chance to have a meaningful conversation with your potential buyer.

If you send 10 per day for weeks on end and have no success, you will want to look at what you are doing.

When I send out Buyer Requests, I would say that 90% of them are generic answers just copied and pasted for me the same as their last one. This shows they don’t really care enough to respond to me individually and I walk away. Take a bit of time to craft your response and make each one individual. If you have something that you copy and paste then delete it now!

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