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Offers to buyers request


Hello! I have a small question, how did you erase or when will an offer made through buyers request disappear?


Offers sent in response to buyer requests do not disappear.

I am not sure if I understood your question correctly, though. :thinking:


so, even if time past and the buyer’s request has complete will not disappear?

:open_mouth: it would make that even a year later they can take the offer


What do you mean when you say “the buyer’s request has complete”? If by that you mean the buyer who’d placed the buyer request had already gotten their work/project completed, why would they bother revisiting the offers they received for their buyer request they’d placed one year ago and place an order with another seller?

But, in theory, it is possible, I think.


Wow, that could be problematic. I hope someday they solve that.

Thanks for answer!


I have seen BR that are still there even though the buyer has accepted my offer. I never respond to buyer requests that are over a day old.