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Official Fiverr T-shirt


Hello everyone!

I want to ask, may be this posting was post by forum members here but, may I get the official Fiverr T-shirt and use it in Malaysia to create community Fiverr here.

thank you!


Reply to @alysmcdonough: thanks! i want reply from Fiverr support for this


Good question!


Sure, you can buy a shirt here:


Here is some updated information about how to get started if you want to host a community-led event:


Reply to @shahrulhairy: you need to contact customer support team, he/she reply you with correct information


Reply to @kjblynx: I don’t get it either. If you go to the Fiverr blog, there is a link to “store” if you look for it hard. It’s been aroung a few months. At first I thought they were designinge more merchandise and would advertise later, but so far, nothing.


Reply to @fonthaunt: oh thank you for your information! =)