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Official ¬ The QUIT SMOKING Thread

I’m not sure if that’s for this area of the Forum, but if it is, here it is.

I quit smoking. At least trying. Making the thread so we can help each other and be a role models and motivate others, and of course motivate each other. I made a similar thread in another Forum and it had great success, I inspired a lot of people that took my steps.

Sadly, I’ve been struggling for a lot of time now, failing. Tried a few times, failed, published my failure so I can be as transparent as possible and so people can see what the dangers of smoking are — not being able to quit later and having awful health issues and miserable withdrawal symptoms. I’m a moderately heavy smoker. One full pack a day for the last exactly 9 years. On gatherings and social events I tend to hit 2 packs a day even. I coughed like crazy, like literally I was crying when coughing every morning. I don’t have a choice but try and quit again because it’s like I’m starting to develop Chronic Bronchitis.

I’m gonna give it a try again, but for now it has devastating effects on my body. I can’t sleep normally. One day I sleep for 3 hours, the other day I oversleep for a whole day. I’m nervous, can’t concentrate easily, I sweat a lot, am anxious over small things, also I have constant cravings, my left hand shakes, I feel like I have a lump in my throat, it’s basically a horrendous experience trying to quit smoking, cold turkey or not. Oh, and those headaches, gosh.

I will guide you through all my struggle and hopefully if I manage to succeed this time, 100.0% nicotine free, I can inspire more people so they can quit this insanely bad habit.

P.S. At least my coughing stopped and my breath capacity returned to normal. My gums are not aching anymore.

P.S. #2 I’m tracking my progress with Apps, so I can stay on track and not fail my goal. I’m also making this not for me, but for the community. I was always disruptive and abusive so I hope with this I can give something meaningful to the youth.

P.S. #3 You can also save a lot of money, apparently. If you smoke a pack a day, that’s an investment you can never return. It’s not even an investment. Buy Bitcoin with that money and you will have some return. Food gives you energy. Smokes give you zero return.


Well done on what you’ve achieved so far - that’s brilliant! :slightly_smiling_face:

I know how difficult it is from past experience. Are you using anything to help or are you going ‘cold turkey’?


Everything is cold turkeyed. Always. If I’m gonna do something, I don’t have time for BS, like I use to say. :sweat_smile:


I’ve gone cold turkey and simply stopped after 18 years of smoking. Now I’m 6-months nicotine free. Strong will and determination is most important. I feel like a have a new set of lungs already :smiley:

Just keep going! With each passing month you will feel better and better …


Some of the BENEFITS of quitting smoking, effective immediately and progressed by me during these 2 weeks (according to the App):

100% achieved, same as a non-smoker.
Your pulse rate should have returned to normal.

100% achieved, same as a non-smoker.
Your oxygen levels should have returned to normal.

100% achieved, same as a non-smoker.
Your carbon monoxide from smoking will have been eliminated from your body.

100% achieved, same as a non-smoker.
All nicotine should now have been expelled.

100% achieved, same as a non-smoker.
Your ability to taste and smell should be greatly improved.

100% achieved, same as a non-smoker.
Your bronchial tubes have begun to relax and your breathing should be easier.

100% achieved, same as a non-smoker.
Your energy levels should have returned to normal.

100% achieved, same as a non-smoker.
Any smoking-related bad breath should now have gone.

97% achieved, very close to a non-smoker.
At 100% the tooth staining and calculus build-up from smoking will be reduced.

97% achieved, very close to a non-smoker.
When the bar is at 100% the blood circulation in your gums and teeth should be similar to that of a non-smoker.

16% achieved, very close to a smoker.
When this bar is at 100% your circulation should be greatly improved.

10% achieved, very close to a smoker.
When this bar is at 100% the texture and color of your gums should be back to normal.

10% achieved, very close to a smoker.
When this bar is at 100% your coughs and wheezing should have improved.
Note: Coughs actually stopped after the first week so I guess I’m lucky.

0.74% achieved, very close to a smoker.
When this bar is at 100% your risk of a heart attack should be about half that of a smoker.

0.37% achieved, very close to a smoker.
When this bar is full your risk of lung cancer should be about half of that of a smoker.


Congratulations. Although I’m not a smoker, I have friends that are heavy smokers.

Quitting smoking is insanely hard - you have to have the will and mind power.

One colleague of mine I know purchased a book which helped him stop smoking.

Overall. congrats on your new life!


Thank you. Not much of a new life really. More like torture. But we’ll see in time (if I even make it). Lol.


Everything comes with a period of withdrawal.

I remember a close friend of mine who went on a special diet - the first 2-3 weeks were his worst days in his life. Changing from eating several pies a week for 10 years to a no sugar intake definitely has a toll on your body.

And I am happy to say, it’s been 4 months - 20 pounds gone and an overall better life!

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My trick was to replace the smoking with something else that is enjoyable to replace this dopamine need in my mind. Technique to tackle the withdrawal symptoms and make them easier to handle. And that was ice cream. It still works.

Whenever you quit a habit, of any kind, a good trick is to replace that habit with a new one.
It doesn’t guarantee success, but it helps a lot. Will and determination are most important.

I lost 34 kilos. Got super ripped and competed in a Kyokushin Karate tournament. Believe me, you can get used to hard workouts, someone beating you, and you not eating sugar.

But nicotine withdrawal is worst.

I can only imagine how’s the feeling with drug withdrawals. I reckon that’s the worst.


Oh yes - the best advice one can give.
Sadly I knew someone who had an alcohol issue. He decided to seek help and thankfully he’s doing fine now (alcohol free for 26 months or so) When he stopped he started smoking more as a means to fill the alcohol void :wink:

Now the plan is to purchase an electronic cigarette and utilize that until he stops.

I believe so. (though there are hundreds of different drugs, the worst drug has the worst withdrawals)

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I can’t eat ice cream all day. I’ll become overweight. But I can smoke all day.

So I figured. That is right all right. I started to chew on toothpicks. Like a bad gunslinger ready to rob a train in the Wild West. I’m chewing toothpicks hard and I’m angry as hell.

So next time you see a toothpick-chewing bad guy on the streets, know he’s probably not playing “modern”, but rather experiencing nicotine cravings that hurt like a m…


Speaking from experience, tell him to stay away from the electronic e-cigs. I’ve vaped for two-three months. When you have a vaping stick, first bad thing is you can smoke everywhere. It’s allowed. It’s cheap. It’s convenient since you don’t smell… And you tend to smoke A LOT MORE.

My addiction worsened with vaping.

Plus I was coughing too much on the third month so I stopped.

Saw a reportage a few days ago. A girl got hospitalised. Serious condition. Her lungs swell from the vaping smoke or whatever it’s inside. I’m not a chemist but something from the vapour damaged her lung tissue.

I’d seriously stay away from this rubbish.

If it was me, I would work on stopping cigarettes through other means. The single biggest issue with Ecigs is just what you mentioned. You tend to smoke all over, everywhere, everyday.

In fact, at one point, even though I’m no smoker I was using an ecig - I have since stopped because I didn’t want my foolish ideas to turn into addictions - or worse.

However, given the fact he is smoking probably a pack and up to 3 a day, I’d choose a electronic gadget that may be able to help (with the lowering of the nicotine gradually) than doing absolutely nothing at all.

Regarding the health issues with the device, I don’t think they have conclusively proven that it is bad for you. (besides nicotine and that’s is a digital garage inserted into your mouth)

I hate to say it, smoking does do harm and I truly wish for you and hope that you are able to stay off it!

Here, found it for ya.

MAY 18, 2018
An 18-year-old Pennsylvania woman was hospitalised with acute respiratory distress and respiratory failure just three weeks after she’d taken up vaping - which, according to her doctors, directly caused her condition. The teen in question went to the hospital after experiencing a cough, shortness of breath and pain around her lungs for two days. Her history included mild asthma and an allergy to Brazil nuts, neither of which were thought to have caused her current condition.

I’m sure there are cases but I still think it’s better than smoking, at least that’s what I think.

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I got the highest quality liquid you can get. Italian. I won’t advertise them now but it’s the best. Made in Italy.

5 mg of nicotine.

I’m done with that. I’ll keep my toothpick.

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Also gum helps. Gum is fine.

Whatever works for you. I know that he won’t stop cigarettes cold turkey unless he had some form of supplement. I’d prefer him to have one of these devices in the hopes he’ll stop.

Gum can help, but it only helps when you have determined you want to actually stop. If you don’t want to stop, gum or exercise won’t help (especially when you do exercise, and smoke!)

Considering these circumstances I’d even buy him one! (Whatever it takes to have some form of ‘hope’)

But ultimately it’s a decision you must make and come to terms with the fact that smoking is a horrible act of self destruction.

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What’s worse is… Oftentimes the addiction is not actually psychological. I mean into the latter phases. And into the first phases. It’s purely physiological need and symptoms. Which is something only a fresh nicotine dosage can stop. But the whole point is to exlucide nicotine from your body so your levels can normalise. Vaping and introducing fresh doses of nicotine into your bloodstream cannot help you quit.