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Official Vote topic to switch to V1


For all the buyers and sellers who are simply dissapointed with the V2. For all those people who are confused, losing money and simply want the V1 of Fiverr back,

I am starting this official voting topic. Let’s all vote. Let’s get a thousand votes or more so i can go to CS and show them they have to go back to V1 if they want to save fiverr.

1st vote is from my self.

Please follow up and share this post so we can get the count up.


I place a vote. We need to switch to Version 1 again. If Fiverr isn’t accepting of this change maybe we should all suspend our gigs at the same time. The more gigs that are suspended the less that buyers have to choose from. So who ever has sales drastically down, maybe we should pick a time to all suspend. If a large amount of gigs suspended for a few days, oh i don’t know…every gig but a tip gig and wipe out over 1.5 million gigs Fiverr’s sales would plummet. Version 1 is the only option. it’s the fair option. the algorithm actually works.


I don’t know about switching back to V1. I think they should fix the issues with V2 and hire more staff for Customer Support.


Reply to @mrspanda: Agreed either Fix level 2 or make an enhanced level 1




There is no going back, too much time and money invested into this terribly thought out project.

Unfortunately, this thread will be irrelevant.


Dtong is right the only thing we can ask for is a changed search engine and algorithm. It’s as bad as when Google went to the Penguin algorithm.


Dtong and everybody, if fiverr loses about half a million every day because of V2, they’ll have to change it. Whether is sticking V1 search algorithm to V2, whether is switching to V1 till V2 gets fixed for real, they won’t tolerate it for long. Neither will we, but believe me fiverr is losing big numbers every day because of the drop in sales. We lose x00 or x,000, they lose x00,000 not to say x,000,000.


see my attached picture… fiverr alexa rank huge drope … new and old buyers leave the fiverr v2 because new v2 hard to search various gigs, v1 looks very simple and very fast, … i told it to fiverr Cs… nothing good answer… fiverr v2 loss their buyyers and sellers too after that fiverr will loss their income… some day fiverr will stop with huge loss :frowning:


Reply to @facebooklike621: That’s scary!


I like the look and feel of version 2. I like the sales analytics and would like to see individual analytics for our individual gigs to see where customers are coming from.

(i.e. are the using the homepage menu or keywords?) There are issues with the back office - I’m having problems finding messages from customers and a few other minor problems. So if Fiverr is option to suggestions, Don’t dump V2, just make it more navigable.


pls bring back the version 1 !!! please please im begging


I want original fiverr period.


Version is so much easier and comfortable need version 1 back.


Reply to @facebooklike621: WOW.