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Officially level one seller...and i'm only 15!

Today, I have finally accomplished one of many milestones. I’m finally level one seller :tada::tada:
With 2 tips, 5.0 Review & 10 completed orders I’m officially level one seller…and i’m only 15!
It’s such a great feeling that I have earned something I’ve worked hard for. I’ve never thought of myself that I have the ability to do that, but I finally did! (And i’m sure you can too! )

I have failed too many times before coming to Fiverr. I failed on Upwork, I failed on Freelancer & One day, I applied for a job and I had to do a task that kept me 2 days working on it with no sleep. After all the effort put in, I got accepted. But unfortunately, the guy denied me later after knowing that i’m 15. Kinda sucks, but I had to accept the situation.

So to me, Overcoming this milestone even tho it’s not that hard for others, but I have finally felt that after all my hard work & failures, I have finally accomplished something that I’m grateful for.

Thanks to Mr. @eoinfinnegan & other folks who help out newbies to get their stuff settled in here. I really appreciate the effort you’ve put in to help me out. :slight_smile:


You should make an edit not mentioning other online market place.

Congrats for getting awarded to Level One Seller :sparkler:


Thank you! Well before my post get posted on forum, a moderator I believe checked and accepted it to be posted. So I believe it’s fine?


Are you sure? Have a received any notification about this?


Yes. After writing my post, It said that a moderator will check it and it will be online afterwards. So I’m on the safe side, I guess?



Thanks @gina_riley2, that’s so sweet!

Really well done! Delighted to hear of your success! :tada::fireworks:


Congrats man! I may not be 15, but i am 20 and I hope I have success like you one day! :smiley: :tada:


You will surely will! :slight_smile: Just make sure that whatever you’re doing, you’re putting in all the effort you got.

Good luck!


Congratulations! :smiley: Age doesn’t matter!!!


Youssef - As I said to you already, it really doesn’t surprise me that you got this.
From day 1 on the forum, you appeared knowledgeable about your service and professional in how you spoke. That made me check out your gig which was well set up and you had put a lot of thought and effort into it, including getting images made! All this told me that you were really giving it your best efforts. In addition and since then:
You read a lot of tips on the forum and even gave advice to others.
You listened well and followed advice, asked good questions and did not panic (or moan) when things were not easy.
These are the keys to being successful here, and you stuck with it.
Be proud of your achievement and now lets focus on Level 2!


Good, you seem to be very mature for a 15 year old, that’s always a good sign.


Really thank you for all of what you did with me. You don’t only give helpful tips, but you give motivational messages too that I really love reading :smiley: You always restore my energy with those messages.

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Wish to be in your shoes, Although i would like to ask this question it seems my gigs are not being viewed maybe cause my country is African or i don’t really know just that i keep dropping as a new seller no matter what effort i tend to make


I don’t think countries matter. As a new seller, you won’t get anything from your gig yet. Just some statics that goes upwards and downwards. I would suggest you to focus on buyer requests, they’re everything for new sellers. Send some good buyer requests,improve your gig and what you offer & always check forum for helpful tips. The forum is really important when it comes to understanding Fiverr as a newbie.

I hope one day soon, you’ll be in my shoes too. :slight_smile:
Note that I’m not a professional or so, these are just my personal view & what I’ve been doing. I hope it helps!


Hi @greenaloni

It doesn’t matter where you are from. Just keep tweaking till you get things right and make sure you are providing good customer service and great quality. There are loads of tips on the forums and in the Fiverr academy. Equip yourself with a lot of knowledge and you will soar.

I’m also from Africa.




Keep flying!

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Thanks @ollydave, You too! :smile:

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