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Offline Account Block

Can fiverr Block an account if it is not online for last 1 year if blocks then what are the requirements to resolve this issue?

Only fiverr customer support can help you. I think they might pause your gigs if you are not online from last year.

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Is this another question from “class activity”?
We saw too many the same questions with this “banning old account” topics over the last 2 days.


“banning old accounts”, “fiverr tos” and “changing username” are “popular” these days.


Is this just a strange coincidence we have this same question from other people now? I’ve never seen this question on the forum at all before now:


In my point of view Fiverr will not block your account instead they will be denied your gigs from the search results because of no activity in your account, and you will also lose all requirements of next level. This will only happen if you have not violated the TOS, for more info I should also recommend you to contact CS to know more!

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