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Offline shows me when i enter fiverr on the computer

How are you all!
I’m new seller on fiver. I’m facing a problem. when i enter the fiverr app, i see the green light online. but when i enter the fiverr on the computer, offline shows me! How fixed this problem???


In soviet russia, offline shows you!

This problem has been solved. it’s been fine after along refresh

I am facing same problem. What to do dear?

Just refresh the page and you’ll be online again. This post is pretty old, by the way.


I refreshed so many time . still offline

I face same problem…

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@pratikmder @tanjilashamima

If you use computer, then go to Settings.> Account > Online Status > Go Online (or any other optional options)

If you are on the phone, then click the “user” icon in the right, then scroll down until you reach the “General” category. Then under “My Profile” you will see “Online Status” option.

Hope that fixes your problems.

I’ve done all of this . still I am offline. :frowning:

Still facing sister? how long your are facing it?

If reload the page then also offline?