Offline Status?


Does anyone know why my account would go offline without me changing the settings?

Please help!

Thank you,


I am not sure, but it randomly used to happen to my account. I suspect it’s a Fiverr bug.


Thank you! Yeah, I suspect the same thing


Same thing happens with me a lot of time.
Just submit a ticket to CS and they’ll resolve your issue in a few hours :slight_smile:


If you go to your profile image on the top right hand side and click on settings you can check it and change it.


Hi there

I left it showing “Online status” however it seems to change automatically…


When that happens I just refresh my browser and it goes green again.


have you tried to refresh your browser and go to settings -> set as online ( on your fiver apps ) ?


I’ve had that happen to me. Seems to be no rhyme or reason sometimes. So I just refresh the page and double check the app to make sure I still have the "show online? checked.


If your account goes offline then your gigs don’t appear in the searches… So at night when you go to bed no one can see your gigs?