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Ogt an order delivered its not waht i want and the seller wont refund me?

So as the title says i have an order that’s been delivered however the seller did literally nothing :frowning: its such a long story but he really did not do any thing required and just gave me the same work back… he refused to cancel the order and seems to think in 12 hours the order will auto approve and he gets the payment and doesnt care…he is kinda forcing me to accept the results or force me to work with im… i went to resolve the order of course and sadly there is no option for me to directly contact fiver? how would i proceed as iv been threatens that in 12 hours he gets the money if i like it or not?

any advise is helpful.


How long ago was it delivered? Orders don’t auto-complete for 3 days. If he’s threatening you, yes you have grounds for cancellation. Have your tried the resolution center within the order page?

Can you provide more details, though? We on the forum are only sellers and buyers like you, and can only share experience.

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