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Oh boy cancellation time!

It happens to the best of us, the worst of us, and everyone in between. One of my clients has requested the deadly Fiverr cancellation. The customer made a site for an affiliate link he had and wanted SEO work done for said site. Long story short I did most of the work for the month (gig is ongoing monthly SEO) and he decides to cancel. The reason for his cancellation is that “his affiliate link got canceled so he just doesn’t need the gig”. The cherry on top was that “Your work is great though”. I politely told him that it is not fair that I don’t get compensated for my time and I have immediately reported the case to the ever so helpful Fiverr support (sarcasm). I attached many images of proof of the work being done. A screenshot of the client admitting it for external factors that he wants to cancel and a clear screenshot from the cancellation policy that states “a customer must have proof of work not being done” in order to cancel. Lets see what happens lol :thinking:


So, dumb question: Why provide monthly SEO as a Gig?

I would NEVER run a job that long.

Mind you, I don’t do SEO work, either.

Could you set your Gig up for milepost payments, you know, after so much is done it costs this much and so on?

I just think you are running a risky Gig.

Help me to understand the mechanics of working for a month and not getting paid at least weekly for what’s been done.


You are definitely in the right and have got the ToS to back you up but I have to concur with looseink, I think you are running something that isn’t realistically feasible with enough peace of mind on Fiverr.


The lesson to learn is to never offer such a lengthy duration gig on Fiverr. It is the quickest way to attract scammers. You have my sympathy though as, while you might be naive, based on what you’ve said you are also the victim.

One gig for me takes about 15 or 20 minutes to complete. Scammers aren’t interested in that - it’s too small for them to bother with. To be a successful seller you have to learn to protect your account. Working for one month knowing that sellers can easily cancel orders is opening yourself up to abuse.


Milestone, for sure.

I agree you should get paid for what you’ve already done. Percentage-wise, how much do you think you’ve completed? Fiverr doesn’t have a proper partial refund system, but there is a convoluted and lengthy way, which you could offer to your buyer IF AND ONLY IF they bring it up first.

SEO management is always done on a monthly basis. Thats just how the service is typically offered in the industry. FIverr is actually starting a subscription service soon and I was picked to be one of the first to learn about it later this month

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Very cool.

Hopefully the system helps with keeping you paid for services rendered.

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The thing is SEO management is a monthly service. This isn’t really a seller issue and shouldn’t be a seller issue. Fiverr really needs to make it harder for buyers to casually cancel an order. I’ve been invited to the launch of Fiverr subscriptions near the end of the month so hopefully this solves the issue. But at the end of the day you can never walk into an agency buy a service and then expect a full refund halfway through a project. So why is it ok for Fiverr to do these things. The seller has to pay upfront with Fiverr so its not like Fiverr doesn’t have the money. There are countless cases every week of Fiverr scaming sellers by siding with the customer despite work being done. It can really be argued that the real scammers are Fiverr themselves for not enforcing there own tos on the buyer side

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And what exactly did you expect … ? They can’t force a buyer to accept an order . The best thing that can be done in this situation is to ask support to cancel the order without affecting your stats

I am going to try to get paid for this as you have seen I have proof of work being done. Actually they can force the buyer to accept an order. It says in “FIVERRS” own TOS that you cannot cancel an order without proof of work not being done. So my question is why isn’t Fiverr enforcing their own TOS?

They can’t accept the order on behalf of your buyer , I think you misinterpreted what’s in the tos a bit . Not cancelling an order doesn’t mean that they are going to force the buyer to accept it , you need to sort it out with the buyer… it usually ends up bad for the seller. In My opinion I gave you the right solution above , if you want to try it great if not…great again , I only tried to help

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“Any cancellation requests sent to Customer Support must include sufficient evidence of work not delivered”

I appreciate your help. However, there really needs to be something changed in Fivver’s policy to protect sellers. Fiverr prices are already so dreadfully low compared to out of Fiverr work so at the very least the seller should have peace of mind knowing that as long as they do the work as promised they are getting paid for that work. How hard would it be for them to simply add a line into their TOS like this: “If it is evident the seller did provide the work or large portion of the work as described in the gig offer or listing the buyer cannot request a cancellation”. Something like this would reduce issues on here by 90%. If the work is not being done as described the buyer gets the right to cancellation if the buyer does get the work as described end of story case dismissed.

Fiverr is a good platform they just need to change it so it’s fair for both sides of the field. In this day and age with money on hold in Fiverr’s account, there isn’t any reason sellers should be working for free because Fiverr simply doesn’t care

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Here’s to wishing that you will get to finish and “moving on” from this issue as less stress as possible.

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Thank you, appreciate it :+1:

Sometimes when client may get stressed with issues on their end, they pass it along to us seller.
They really shouldn’t blame us as we are all doing our best to help each other out.

Cancelling projects like that is just unethical, they should consider the time spent to work on it.

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You are absolutely right. You cant order food at the restaurant eat half of it and then say your not paying because your not hungry enough to finish the rest of it so why is this any different. I suspect Fiverr doesn’t care because orders like this can still be considered sales in their books and they show off higher numbers to their investors like this. Another possibility is that they are collecting large amounts of interest on this money while it sits in their account so they win regardless

Just trying to help you de-stress brother.

We don’t need to be in the blame game.
It is the platform’s chance and even their duties to help resolve the issue alright.

Hopefully you can move along and get to your next order peacefully.
There are plenty of fish in the ocean :slight_smile:

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Agreed, always plenty of work to be done in the future

In theory I do actually agree with you. It should be much harder for buyers to be fraudulent, and sellers should be better protected. But that’s not the reality we are dealing with, which is why I made my original comment…

As sellers we have to find ways to protect our accounts, reputation and income. Offering any service on Fiverr that requires a month of time investment is incredibly risky in my opinion.

One way of protecting your account is to offer gigs that only require minimal time investment. I have been selling Fiverr for nearly 8 years and in that time I have only ever had one truly fraudulent experience that was eventually resolved in my favour.

Some services are a great fit for Fiverr, others less so.