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Oh boy! Do I have a great story for y'all!

So, I haven’t had orders for about two weeks, not even messages, ever since I was promoted to level two seller, this was a bit strange, since going from 3-5 orders a day to ZERO is irritating. Regardless, I’m waiting on my new audio equipment, and then I plan to revamp my ENTIRE gig page, from profile picture, to the current gigs, as well as adding new gigs.

Anyways, tonight I got a message, from someone speaking rather poor english, insert the first picture:

I was a bit confused, but eventually got what they were trying to ask me.
Here’s the second image:
I blocked them because I was appalled by their name, I won’t disclose it, but it had to do with s*x (forums are a bit finicky when it comes to those words).

I blocked them, only to get a notification that they had placed an order!

Here were the requirements, i’ll attach a drop box link of my actual voiceover. The buyer did not ask for a specific kind of voiceover, therefore I did a more… somber voiceover. Here is the voiceover:

Continuing on:

So as soon as I got the order I quickly rehearsed the voiceover, and started recording, I re-did it about 3 times, and I got to a point where I thought it was really well done.

They request a revision about 30 minutes later saying “I don’t like it :frowning:” I asked them what I could do to fix it:

"It’s not a cool voice" they said - I asked which kind of voice they would like, and they continued to not respond.

Unfortunately I just decided to cancel, because otherwise I knew this buyer would just leave a terrible review. So much for a quick simple order to hopefully get the algorithm back on my side, after two weeks of ZERO orders or messages.

Hopefully the equipment arrives soon, have a great night you guys!

  • Josh

I’m working on an order right now that I know the buyer is going to try and cancel. I had a fellow Fiverr seller order a few days ago and insist on cancelling because I apparently plagiarized everything.

I sent a full plagiarism report showing that there was zero plagiarism in their work, but they made it clear that they have lots of success canceling with CS. I couldn’t be bothered to fight or risk being at the mercy of a CS dept who I know usually sides with buyers, in this case, I cancelled.

The next day, someone who is clearly the same person using a different account ordered from me again. When they ask to cancel, I will agree again. However, this is only because in the interim, I have found their agency website, client list, YouTube channel, and social media channels.

I will rain hellfire on them to an extent that they can’t possibly imagine. :wink:

That said, in your case, I wouldn’t have touched this order with a barge pole attached to another barge pole. I’m surprised you didn’t see this coming actually. :thinking:

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I completely saw this coming, but they ordered AFTER I blocked them, so there wasn’t much I could do…
I’ll do my best to try and find their youtube channel.


Oh yeah, sorry, I missed that bit.

Find them and destroy them!

Haha, no worries, I plan to do my best, but after looking their name up its not showing up, I hope I can search for audio or something.

Upload the same audio to YT. If they are using your work, you will likely get a copyright strike. Then all you have to do is appeal it by showing that your work is really yours. :wink:

To get a copy strike wouldn’t you need to be flagged by the actual person who used the audio? On top of that I’m not sure how I could prove that I made the audio with just a file, I could have stolen it from them…?

It’s a tricky one. Maybe search for Internet Comment Etiquette: "Bogus Copyright Claims" on YT. (I won’t insert a link as I will likely get flagged.) That explains how copyright strikes work on YT in a roundabout way.

Great, thanks so much! They still haven’t accepted the cancellation, so hopefully nothing shady is going on…

@joshvoices4you I don’t see any fault from you. Really sad.
Good luck mate.

Nooo, I can’t believe that you cancelled it :see_no_evil:
To be honest I would’ve fought just out of principle. And contacted fiverr support myself with a screenshot where they hint that they trick the system and CS supports them with that. And even if CS would’ve cancelled the order I still would’ve opened a ticket and get on their nerves.
Especially if that’s a fellow seller they also have something to loose if I would’ve pursue that matter.


Yeah, me too once. However, Fiverr sellers are calculating psychos. This buyer framed every message in a way that made it look like I not only had plagiarized their work, but was also admitting to the fact.

These people know what they are doing. They know that CS will look at order messages and so they word everything extremely manipulatively. I don’t have time to deal with people like that. Plus, after having a strict no cancellation policy for several years, I’m now of the opinion that I’d rather just cancel than have a maniac tarnish my reviews.

From experience, evil ranting 1-star reviews have more of an impact on orders than cancellations.


Got to say - I just cancel everything now and block everyone who doesn’t fit.

For this I am level 0.
Therefore my turnover this month is 3 times higher than usual.


I think you made the right choice with the cancellation. You could use Audiam, I haven’t used it but from what I know they upload your audio to YouTube’s content ID system, so if anyone uses your audio in their videos you will receive all monetization from it and you can choose to copyright strike their account. I think the service is free.

I’d request a cancelation immediately after the order was placed to avoid wasting my time. The entire interaction is creepy, headache-inducing and clearly isn’t on its way to lead to anything productive.

You have angelic patience, seriously.


This is terrible, I still lucky I didn’t have these creepy come to me.

But I have some buyer places an order with the cheapest package with the wrong quantity and required for the more expensive job.
And then they choose Cancel after I told them they choose the wrong package and quantity.

which is lower the Completion rate even we not doing anything wrong.

Hey Josh. My heart goes out to you concerning slow orders but I am suggesting you do a promotion maybe on Facebook or IG. It might help. I wish you the best.