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Oh Customer Support, you Little toon, you

So some of my buyers have been experiencing a bug, in which certain text files, like RTF, will become corrupted after I deliver the file. It turns into a .txt file which, as one client put it, “looks like hieroglyphics”,

It literally turns my well-written article into a jumble of nonsensical numbers and letters. So I contacted our fantastic Customer Support team to see if they can fix this bug.

Their first response was along the lines of “well, it must be your own fault, clear some cookies or some sh*t and maybe it might fix itself perhaps, have a great day”

I responded back that I tried this on two different laptops, and it was obviously some kind of bug on Fiverr’s end that was corrupting my files. He replied with a gracious tone of "Please rest assured that Fiverr does not corrupt files in any way. We work hard to provide a safe platform for users to share their files and we do not alter or modify these files in any way. "

Then told me to use a third party file sharing service like Dropbox.

Did I mention how much I love our Customer Service?

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I usually experience such sometimes. When I deliver a Resume/CV in docx, most times it’s usually corrupted at the buyer’s end. Once the buyer experience this, I change the file format to either doc or PDF.

I wonder what has gone wrong with the file. Sometimes, I download the file I delivered, and I find out that it’s actually corrupted. I don’t know what has transpired between me and the buyer. I never knew a bug in fiverr could cause this.

You can deliver in another format.

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I often have to give them another file format. In fact, I even write while delivering the file that if the file becomes corrupted, to let me know so I an change it. At least then I have less to worry about if it goes to CS.

The last thing I want is to be banned from Fiverr for a bug on their end!

This past week I had an issue with a rtf file as well. I had some sections highlighted but once when I sent it over to the seller she couldn’t see it.
I had to sent it in a different format.


There was one client I had recently that could not see the hyperlinks in the article I sent him, despite me sending him the article in various file formats. I had to add the links in full on the bottom instead. Makes us look bad as sellers when stuff like this happens.

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Maybe you want to consider moving your post to “Report a bug”?

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And just as an example, this is what it would look like.

using winzip would probably help

Illuminati New World Order Secret Code Detected

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