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"Oh dear! Delivering a Gig late" banner appeared with no apparent reason

I have never delivered an order late.

Today, all of a sudden, an ominous yellow banner with an exclamation mark appears on my orders page, stating:

“Oh Dear! Delivering a Gig late can result in 10% lower buyer activity.”

How is that possible?
And, most important of all…should I be worried?

My “in progress” orders are all at least 3 days away from delivery date.
Nothing wrong/suspicious/odd happened to me, my orders or my customers lately.

Hi, welcome to forum.

It is recommended to use search feature first, then start new topic if under 6 months there is no topic relevant to your question or need.

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Oops I remember trying to find it but I had not managed to so I created my thread. Must have looked for the wrong search terms :sweat_smile:

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Usually count if something is wrong on Fiverr main site by the time you open forum 30 people already have topic about it.
I still remember GIG NA time, those were the days…

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Thank you Marina :slight_smile:.

I did used the search function and came here. Sorry.


OH DEAR! late delivery message on orders page. Why? .