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Oh Dear! Delivering a Gig late can result in 10% lower buyer activity

It is not often i let an order go past its deadline but sometimes some do slip by by accident. Clicking on my orders page i then received this notification that i have never seen before stating “Oh Dear! Delivering a Gig late can result in 10% lower buyer activity” So if i deliver one service late this could impact my whole account with up to a %10 decline in sales and how so? Or am i mistaken

I’m also facing same problem. My sales dropped after delivering one order few hoursafter deadline :frowning:

Reply to @lovenish0007: I experienced this drop in sales long before this late delivery but it might be a contributor to the overall decline in sales for sellers perhaps

Reply to @joeyjive: Can you please suggest me at this situation ?

I recently had an issue with a late order which, as it turned out, was a mistake on my part: I didn’t realize that if I make a custom offer attached to a delivered order, the clock starts running again. It resulted in a very late order, and truth told I wonder if the buyer didn’t plan it that way since he sat on the custom offer for so long. Regardless, I contacted customer support and they told me that a late order doesn’t affect my seller standing as long as I deliver the order and it isn’t cancelled. Fiverr support member Jenny told me:

"At this time placing Gig Extra on an ongoing order reverts it to In Progress status, meaning that if Gig Extra was purchased after delivery deadline in the initial order passed order’s status becomes Late - sorry for any confusion with this. However, as long as seller successfully completes their work to buyer’s satisfaction having Late status in their order won’t affect account performance."

I can’t say that I’ve seen this notice about 10% lower buyer activity, but I can say my experience with this late order hasn’t affected me at all - I’ve had several orders since then and no meaningful drop in my metrics.

The 10% lower rate warning, I believe, just means that buyers will be less satisfied when their orders are late so they might not order again. That’s how I took it. It doesn’t have any effect on your account

The same thing happened to me. I was in the hospital for a week and had several late when I returned. This has really slowed down my activity. And Fiverr also talked for my buyers and even though they knew that I would never deliver late unless there was a reason, Fiverr posted a review on their behalf saying “canceled, seller failed to deliver on time.” My buyers were not happy about the system leaving a review in their name. Not cool at all. We are humans, not computers. :slight_smile: I think the best thing is to make sure and have a back up person that can shut everything down in an emergency. It does have an effect on your account to have late deliveries.

When a delivery runs late, the buyer gets a whole series of notes and hints that s/he really ought to cancel the order. I’m not sure that this is the intended meaning of the notes, but it is certainly the impression given.

At least, that’s my experience, as a buyer.

Wow its the first I am hearing about this. Its a good thing the forum is here to educate us because for the most part some of the time Fiverr will make changes and I would not have known if I dont come here, mind you I always read every one of their news, but this is news to me.

I also face same experience recently but i don’t understand about 10% lower rate warning

I have received this warning becasue i had a client that could not check the job everyday and was asking for changes, he told me not worry about time that he stills want the job with all the revisions so we keep working on this one, when i contact customer support about this they say we can’t do anything.

They say you must cancel the order even whe i do this for living and was a big order…in the other hand when i cancel i receive a bad cancelation rate so i feel my hadns tied. i am very updet with this siituation.

I currently stands on 89% delivered on time. it was as low as 84% 2 days back. I noticed no considerable effect yet. Its all about Customers’ Satisfaction. Good communication is the key to better customer service. I use to have many late deliveries (LoL) but never had bad review cz of any reason.
Use quick response feature for better response time. Use Courteous words through your communication with your buyer during the work.
In the end while delivering, Ask to share the gig with his/her social circle if he likes the work. Also make some discount offer to do so. An effective and proven marketing strategy to get more clients :wink:

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Cancel the order, then send him a custom order and write 7 days or more days in that section.

I’m curious about how that happen. Are you often away from your computer? Do you have another job that kept you busy? Where you hospitalized?

Fiverr probably created that warning to scare sellers into delivering on time. With that said, beware of lateness, it can lead to force cancellations, even TRS status demotion. I know one example of that.

I think the problem is forced cancellations because of lateness. That should be avoided at all cost.

You may stumble upon this situation due to various reasons. It may be due to slow client responses, lack of requirements, misunderstandings in requirements or any personal reasons. If your client is understandable and agree with no time limit then I don’t think it’ll trouble you but sometimes misunderstanding will make you in trouble. So I suggest you to do deliveries on time. If you think you can’t deliver order on time as per requirements just ask your client to mutually cancel the order and offer custom order with the days you prefer. It’ll not hurt you if you cancel order instead getting bad reviews.

In my case, my programming Gigs generally takes more days to complete so I prefer to add more days in Gig package. I don’t mind if I get less orders due to this reason because I prefer QUALITY service and delivery on time. It’s just the case, but it may vary Gigs to Gigs and person to person. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@mary1979 You can take your buyers’ consent for removing those review and send screenshots to the customer support. They will remove those reviews. It is an auto-post feature for all late orders.

@kickgom There is another option as well. You can send them an extra offer of 5$ and add days to your delivery time but it depends on whether your buyer is willing to buy extra gig. It works for me but my order generally starts with 100$ value. The buyer might not be willing to do that for a 5 dollar gig purchased.

I don’t think this have any effect on your account activity, especially resulting to lower buyer activity. I don’t think this is something you should be afraid of…though i am experiencing a similar thing but i don’t want to think it’s because of my recent late deliveries. Before now, I always make sure i deliver on time. But recently my response rate drop drastically to about 11 hours, though it’s going up again. I haven’t been getting orders since. For me personally i think if your service is up to standard. Regardless of late deliveries or awful response rate, Buyers will still buy from your if your services are outstanding.

I have had one late order and did notice a temporary but definite slow down in orders immediately afterward.