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Oh Dear! Delivering a Gig late can result in 10% lower buyer activity


I have delivered late since I began on Fiverr, 2+ years ago…over 50% of my orders are late, but only one was cancelled because of that, still have done 2900 orders. I did my first order in April, 2014.


You are amazing! I’ve only had the one late one that was not cancelled, just a couple hours late. Maybe it was a coincidence that sales slowed right after that.


Totally, my ex-TRS friend had that issue. You would see queues of 25 to 50, sometimes more, but then you’d see the forced cancellation reviews, it was embarrassing. Now he’s a level 2, and barely gets what he used to get.

Even I ended up force canceling on him, he took too long to deliver, and I warned him 4 times. I also warned him he was offering too much . Two 500 word articles for $5 is too much. The lesson is don’t drive sales you can’t close.


It’s simple. when your orders are going late delivery, your gig will 10% lower in Search Result.


@kickgom I agree with what fastcopywriter said, just be sure to “request a mutual cancellation” - this way, it won’t have the negative effects a regular cancellation does. Also, something new that I learned recently: I asked buyer to mutually cancel, and he was fine with me sending him a custom order a few days later, when I would then have time to do the work. So he accepted the cancellation. BUT - since he is not a seller himself (sellers have “contact me” option on profile, buyers don’t), there was no way to contact him, because after a mutual cancellation, fiverr automatically deletes the option of continuing to send the buyer a message.
Lesson learned - let them know about this and ask that they send you a message after cancelling, so that u can respond.


Late deliveries happen to even the best. As long as they are not frequent then it’s not really a big deal. I really wouldn’t worry about the warning, and if there is a slowdown it is likely short or no existent. So just be careful in the future and I think you’ll be good to go.


I’ve a low delivery rate. Doesn’t really make any difference in my sales. The key is to deliver high quality work and have repeat buyers who understand you and constantly communicate.


Late delivery will hurt your sales but if you send a mutual cancelation request to a buyer and the buyer only accept it AFTER the stated due date then it is higher than 10% lower buyer activity.


Thanks a lot, but the order was completed, can i do it in completed orders too?


Not in the completed order.