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OH DEAR! late delivery message on orders page. Why?

Ahahah, what a load of BS. It’s a bug. I don’t have it, and it 100% does not appear just because you have orders close to the delivery date. I don’t get why they have to lie instead of admitting to screwing up.



I have 4 orders in queue, couple of hours ago I delivered 1 project which still has 4 days remaining. I didn’t receive anything like that.

Either it’s a bug or a general banner with information, but if that’s the case, the wording is very scary and off-putting. As if I did something wrong, while I didn’t.


One of fiverr’s error pages says “oh s***!…” if I’m not mistaken. Or something equally inappropriate. So “oh dear” is a step-up.

I have this thing and all the orders I’ve delivered in 2021 were at least 2 days early. The lengths this site goes to make its users paranoid are truly impressive.


Just like the “LATE” letters that mean jacksh*t on orders under revision. I swear to god they do it on purpose.


My orders have been delivered a day early.

It would have been more appropriate to say “Good job!”

I hate feeling bad every time I look at my orders page.


I see there is a little X in the corner to remove it.


Yes, it’s ridiculous. Just like showing the timer when the timer is totally irrelevant (just to stimulate us in delivery as fast as possible).Fiverr promotes unhealthy work habits, scaring sellers with their stupid statistics.


I mean, the timer is not irrelevant until you deliver. If you set an order with a delivery time of, say 3 days, it makes sense to have a countdown to know exactly how much time you have to deliver. And you can’t have an order without a strict delivery date on Fiverr, so the timer is totally relevant imo. I don’t feel any pressure when the timer is ticking, and I don’t feel like it’s rushing me to deliver as fast as possible. I get to set the timer, since I get to decide the delivery time. I like to know exactly how much time I have to deliver, to the second, and I feel free to deliver whenever I want, to the second.

If you could have an order open without a strict delivery date, then yeah, it would be irrelevant, but that’s not the case.

The problem is when it is a lie, though. Revisions have no fixed time to deliver. Once a delivery has been made, the timer should disappear, since it becomes meaningless.

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Correct, I meant to say when the initial delivery is done and you’re in the revision phase. That’s when the timer becomes irrelevant.

Ah, yeah. I never get to see the timer after delivery though, since I make it a point to deliver when the time is running out. I promise 3 days, I deliver in 3 days, even if I get it done in one. If the client wanted it faster, he could have paid me more, and I ain’t getting them that extra value for free, even if I can. It wouldn’t be fair for the clients that do pay the extra for faster delivery.

So for me the timer when on revision always shows “LATE”, never an actual time.

Why would you wait for the 3rd day on purpose? Maybe your clients would appreciate an unexpected quicker delivery. As long as clients don’t come to expect faster deliveries, I don’t see any purpose in postponing the delivery if the work is done.

It wouldn’t be fair for the clients that pay extra for the faster delivery. And I’m a firm believer in strict contracts. You buy X, you get exactly X, no more, no less. I can, at my discretion, if I like the client, do a little extra, but never as a general rule. As a general rule, you pay for delivery in X days, you get it in X days.

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Okay, I understand. Makes sense if you think about it like that.

Also helps with some clients that don’t know how to value a service. For many people, paying $1000 for something and getting it in one day instead of the promised 10 days would be amazing. But for many others it would be a case of “What? I paid you $1000 for a days work? I thought I was paying for something that would take you 10! This is a rip-off!”

Obviously this doesn’t make any sense, the only thing that should matter is the value of the product, not how long it took to do. If anything, faster delivery should increase the value, not the other way around. But perception is everything. Some people will start to do the math to find out how much you made per hour, and they won’t like the value and feel like they are overpaying. You can never let the client know how much you are making per hour when you are not charging per hour but per project.

Better to adhere strictly to what was agreed, you avoid any problems that way. There’s nothing the client can complain about if you follow the contract to a t. You also avoid opening a precedent if that client becomes a long term client and starts expecting faster delivery as a rule. Giving something out of your good will and then taking it away is worse than never giving it in the first place. Again, it’s all about perception.

Now, if you have a long term relationship with a client, and they appreciate what you do, value your time, think you should be paid well, are genuinely thankful for your extra efforts, etc. you can of course go the extra mile. But as a general rule, with people you don’t know, it should be avoided.


This is a great point, I’ve felt the same myself when the seller delivered in under an hour. I felt they’d rushed it and the quality wasn’t there.

On the flip side, it could be argued that fiver likes early deliveries and it could be one of the many unknown feeds into the algo (pure speculation here).

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I often get this message without having or delivering a late order.

I believe it’s because we had an open order, which seller request a cancelation, and it keeps open till it get cancelled. Something like this

anyway, it never affected my delivery rate, Maybe a small visual bug only

According to another CS agent, it shouldn’t be there (duh) and is going away soon.


I snicker at that little “perform at your best level” disclaimer as it is to cover CS’s own rear in case a seller actually did have a late order and reported the bug.

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i think this is a bug. showing warning about late delivery.

I think its a technical issue .make a support ticket . I hope they will fix it .
Good luck !