Oh God (Happy Mother's Day Everyone!)


My mother has come visiting and she has already started blasting me about my health, looks, eating habits, lack of exercise, overwork, etc. 3 more days of this.


She does it from love and caring about you although I know it’s annoying.


Awe come on, it’s only for 3 days. :slight_smile:
…well, it might be the longest 3 days of your life…

Happy mother’s day. :grin:


To writer’s mother:
(Wanna dance in writer’s wedding,please think about this too.:v:)


I also wonder what would happen when I start leaving alone. I’m probably renting a house after getting a job in five or six months.


I am visiting my mother in the UK at the moment - I feel what you feel.


Both mothers have been here for a week. The in-law one for THREE!

Happy Mother’s Day! :smiley:


I wasn’t with my mother for decade and over, so I don’t mind her AT ALL.

##“You never know what you have until it’s gone.”

-- **Happy MADAR'S Day!**

Buy her a :massage:


Time spent with your family is the best time of your life.


Didn’t realize today was Mother’s Day, didn’t know such a day existed. Well, it’s certainly Mother’s Day in my house today. LOL.


Sounds like she really loves you. :slightly_smiling_face:


All mothers love their children.


You are lucky to have a mother who loves you :slight_smile: