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Oh god what is this punishment?/

few days before my life so smooth,Short span i got level 2 in fiverr as a seller. suddenly 12-10-14 (HUD HUD) cyclone attack my city.whole city look like buried ground that next day. we loss a lot with this disaster, my house also partially collapsed, no power , no net, in this situation i unable to answer my clients and failure to deliver some gigs,after one week i refund money with mutual cancellation,but its too late one buyer release bad review to my gig,then my rating also drop down. after i on vacation mode 10 days. then i start again yesterday but i cant get single order untill now. I dont know what i do??? - See more at: - See more at:

Things happen in real life that can be setbacks to the other things we do. While I offer my sympathies for the disasters and struggles happening to you right now, just keep promoting your gigs, and offering high quality service to those that buy from you. And let your buyers know what’s going on – perhaps even make a temporary note in your gig description. Most buyers appreciate knowing when real life is an issue with their chosen seller, and they are likely to be more understanding if you are upfront with them from the beginning of a gig service.